Oriented Strand Board

Today we will take a look at OSB – Oriented Strand Board. It is engineered particleboard made with flakes or large chips of wood.

How is it made?

It is formed by mixing the wood chips with adhesives and then compressing the wood flakes together.

The panels are formed using layers or plies glued together with their strands at ninety-degree angles to one another. This cross-orientation of the layers adds strength to the panels and results in a structural engineered wood panel which is similar to plywood in strength and performance but more uniform and less expensive.

What are its uses?

OSB is widely used in walls, ceilings and as a base for the floor before adding carpets or wooden floors. You can use it in flooring for a cost-effective flooring solution or use it as a sub-floor under a layer of hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring, bricks, cladding and furniture structure. These boards can be cut into manageable sizes and shapes for various woodworking projects.

Unlike plywood, you don’t need to paint it or apply any top layer – you can use OSB directly for making furniture, and it provides an elegant finish to the surfaces.

Would you like to know more? Watch my YouTube video that discusses this in detail.