Award Winning Interior Designer​

I’m Misha Khanna,
Interior Designer.

I am an expert in space planning and have
practical knowledge of Scientific Vastu,
furniture design and 2D/3D CAD.

My motto is sustainable development.

150+ Projects Done
100+ Happy Clients

Misha Khanna

I am an Interior Designer and an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in the field of Interior Design.

My signature style is to combine traditional aesthetics with modern design. I have been graciously honored with several awards nationally & internationally.

What I Do



Design Consultancy

We offer Interior Designing Consultancy and supervision of all designing work for various establishments like residential, commercial, offices,institutions, beauty parlors, spa etc.​


Space Planning

Space planning involves complete floor mapping with a clear floor plan, you’ll be able to gauge the space. This will help you to select the right furniture based on the size of the room.


Material Selection

We select Interior material considering factors such as durability, budget, comfort, safety, and flexibility.