I offer sophisticated and elegant design solutions so that your interiors are nothing short of the best.

Wholesome Design

While designing a space, I not only consider your storage requirements and your personal liking but also the overall tone of the space i.e. minimalist, royal luxury or traditional. I offer designs according to the space available as well as the specification of the clients.

When it comes to designing, the inspirations are never ending. I help my clients at every step, right from making layouts and supervising the site to helping the clients in purchasing, ordering and overseeing budgets. I have ideas that I am sure you will love.

My Expertise


Design Consultancy

We offer Interior Designing Consultancy and supervision of all designing work for various establishments like residential, commercial, offices, institutions, beauty parlors, spa, etc.


Space Planning

Space planning involves complete floor mapping with a clear floor plan, you’ll be able to gauge the space. This will help you to select the right furniture based on the size of the room.


Material Selection

We select Interior material considering factors such as durability, budget, comfort, safety, and flexibility.


Scientific Vastu

Vastu is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts based on climatology & has very little to do with religion and spirituality.


Colour Consultancy

Colour can create the mood you desire in your living or working space. Colour can play such a powerful role in our well being and perfect colour combinations make your home beautiful too.


2D & 3D CAD Design

The 2D & 3D interior design plans are highly important to get a clear idea of the new look of the home. This will help you to visualize the actual scene of the interiors of your space.


Bathroom & Kitchen Design

Your home’s two hardest working rooms can be both functional and stylish. I will help you make those decisions to personalize it but still keep it classic and timeless.


Ceiling Design & Wall Finishes

Every designer knows the importance of the fifth wall. A great ceiling design draws the eye and can completely change a room.


Lighting Selection

Before selecting the fixtures and deciding on its placement, one needs to have a clear idea about the purpose of the lighting.A lot of time and effort go into selecting the perfect lights that are right for you and the space they’re going in.


Online Classes and workshops

I also conduct online classes and workshops for students, upcoming designers and professionals.


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