All about Laminates

Do you know that the word ‘Sunmica’ and ‘Laminate’ refer to the same thing?

You might have heard the word ‘Sunmica’ especially if you are 90’s kid, as the word laminate was not that popular at that time. Sunmica is a popular brand of laminates. Contractors and vendors usually refer to laminates in general as sunmica or mica.

When visiting a copying center people often ask for their documents to be xeroxed, when in fact they should be asking for photocopies. Photocopy machines by Xerox are so popular that the act of making a photocopy is often referred to by the name of the company. 

What are Laminates?

The most commonly used finishing layer for MDF, plywood, particleboard, wooden furniture, wall panels, and flooring are laminates. Essentially, it is a composite artificial material, made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins.

What is a laminate made up of?

Laminates are generally made of the following layers:

  1. There’s the base layer, which is non-decorative and is the surface on which carpenters apply their adhesive.
  2. The second layer is the decorative layer, which is a sheet with the design on it.
  3. The top layer is a clear, translucent sheet that adds to the scratch resistance.

What are Decorative laminates used for?

Decorative laminates add elegance and style to any given piece of wood. It adds value to the room with its design and texture. They are regularly used to make furniture, cabinets, doors, panels, sometimes room dividers, and flooring.

Important points to consider when shopping for laminates

Here are 3 key points to keep in mind before you make that final confirmation on your laminate selection.

1. See the full pattern of the laminate
2. Discover the right colour tone.
3. Feel the texture of the full laminate sheet

What is the price Range of Decorative Laminates?

Decorative laminates range from Rs. 800/- per sheet to Rs. 20,000/- per sheet. These sheets are often 8’x4’ (WxH) in size. Prices may naturally vary based on your location.

What is the Current Trend for Laminates?

Modern homeowners prefer using plain and textured laminates in appropriate areas. You have laminates that appear like veneers where you can see veins of wood which is quite in trend among modern homeowners.

Different surface finish like fabric finish and metallic laminates too are used in combination with textured laminates.

How to buy Laminate?

To make any furniture you call a carpenter. You discuss what different furniture needs to be made and covered.

He will then calculate the number of sheets required to cover them based on the surface area to be covered. 

Now as per your room design, concept and color, choose the best suitable decorative laminate.

How can I maintain my laminate finish for a long time?

Laminated products are easier to maintain and can last a long time with just a few measures.

  • Dust your laminated surfaces regularly.
  • Clean with a mildly wet cloth and wipe dry with gentle strokes.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool scrubbers.
  • Protect the surface from exposure to excess water and sunlight. 

What are some popular brands?

GreenLam Laminates from GreenPly Industries Ltd. is a st a strong presence in the decorative laminates market in India. Other notable brands include Merino Laminates, Century, Sundek, Asis, and Durian.

Please note I do not get paid to endorse any of the above companies. The brand names are recommended based on my experience as an Interior Designer.

If you want to have a quick look at their e-catalogs, here are the links that will help you:

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